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In Her Eyes

So shy and reserved, she'd always been this way. Her parents tried to make her join in more, but the more they pushed her, the more introvert she became.

She lived happily in her own world with her own thoughts, why would she become a part of the real one?
Recent posts

The Little Things

It was the small things he did that made her smile. The way he walked, always so loud and inelegantly. His face when he read an article so focused and almost angry. His face when he slept, so peaceful and relaxed. These where a few of the things that made her smile, the things that she loved about him. The little things.

The Wall In My Mind

Lately my writers block is constant, the wall get's bigger but has walls in it. Very high walls, ones that I have to try really hard to see through, so I can see through to the ideas but I am not able to access the ideas. It's frustrating and I feel like I'm being taunted. The line on the screen that flashes waiting for me to type something, but not just anything. It is waiting for me to type something interesting, something that people would enjoy. Why? Why do people have to enjoy the nonsense that comes out of my mind? It's my mind, surely only I need to enjoy it. What would be the point of having stuff other people enjoy in my mind?

The Accident.

Never had I known anyone quite like him. He cared for me and made me feel loved like no other person had before, I felt so lucky to have him. He sat there on the edge of the sofa, looking down at me as I whimpered under a blanket.

The Dark Halls

Finally, the last year of high school. I've been waiting for this for far too long, I hate it here, I hate everyone here. I have never fit in and I don't want to really. What would I want to fit in for? They worry about relationships that will end in a week and they argue about who said what as if it matters, you are a loser if you don't have a certain type of likes and a cool kid if you do, why would I bother with that?